Mr. International 2010 Pageant

Watch Miss America 2011 Replay

Watch Replay Click HERE:

Watch Replay Click HERE:

Miss America 2011 Result:

Winners of 2011 Miss America Pageant

Winner - Miss Nebraska Teresa Scanlan

1st Runner-Up - Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady

2nd Runner-Up - Miss Hawaii Jalee Fuselier

3rd Runner-Up - Miss Washington Jacquie Brown

4th Runner-Up - Miss Oklahoma Emoly West

Watch Replay Click HERE:

Semi-Finalists and Finalists

Judges’ Choice

Miss Oklahoma – Emoly West***

Miss Nebraska – Teresa Scanlan***

Miss Texas – Ashley Melnick***

Miss Rhode Island – Deborah Saint-Vil

Miss Utah – Christina Lowe

Miss Washington – Jacquie Brown***

Miss Arizona – Kathryn Bulkley***

Miss Hawaii – Jalee Fuselier***

Miss Virginia – Caitlin Uze***

Miss Arkansas – Alyse Eady***

Miss California – Arianna Afsar***

Watch Replay Click HERE:

America’s Choice

Miss New York – Claire Buffie

Miss Delaware – Kayla Martell

Contestants’ Choice

Miss Kentucky – Djuan Trent

Miss Oregon – Stephenie Steers

Preliminary Winners – Night One Photos

Miss Hawaii – Jalee Fuselier, Lifestyle & Fitness

Miss North Carolina – Adrienne Core, Talent

Preliminary Winners – Night Two Photos

Miss Rhode Island – Deborah Saint-Vil, Talent

Miss Alabama – Ashley Davis, Lifestyle & Fitness

Preliminary Winners – Night Three Photos

Miss Nebraska – Teresa Scanlan, Talent

Miss Oklahoma – Emoly West, Lifestyle & Fitness

Watch Replay Click HERE:

Watch Replay Click HERE:

Miss America 2011 Live Streaming

Here are the videos of Miss America 2011 Preliminary Pageant.

Don't dare to Miss the whole pageant this coming January 15, 2011. 8:00 PM ( USA).

Watch Miss America 2011 Live Streaming

Note:The video above is the pageant of Miss America 2010 to watch the Live Streaming of 2011 Pageant click the link.

Nathalie den Dekker (Miss Tourism International 2010 Winner)

Miss Netherlands Won the title this year, Nathalie den Dekker is proud accepting the crown and obligation given to her by the late reigning queen, Sarah Ezlanowski of Germany.

Watch Miss Tourism International 2010 Replay.

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