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Over 51 ladies from 51 different states including the District of Colombia will showcase once more their very own beauty with poise raging the age of 15-17 yrs. old. This year, Bahamas given the chance to hold this prestigious event. Watch Miss Teen USA 2011 Online. Catch it this July 16, 2011.

Miss Teen USA 2011 will be the 29th Miss Teen USA pageant. It will be held at Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas on July 16, 2011. Miss Teen USA 2010, Kamie Crawford will crown her successor at the end of this event. The 50 states and the District of Columbia will compete for the prestigious title. For the first time, viewers are allowed to vote for their favorite opening dress and swimsuit designed by the official sponsors, Sherri Hill and Kooey Australia. People's Choice along with Miss Universe Organization has created an online poll for selecting Miss Teen USA Photogenic.

Click here to see the complete list of Miss Teen USA 2011 Candidates

Watch Miss Canada Universe 2011 Live Streaming

Miss Universe Canada 2011 pageant, a 60th annual Miss Universe Canada Pageant, will be hold during a St. Lawrence Centre for a Arts Theatre in Toronto. 60 representatives from opposite Canada will be in Toronto from Jun 17th to Jun 26th and will contest for a pretension of Miss Universe Canada 2011 awarded on Saturday, Jun 25th, 2011. The reigning Miss Universe Canada, Elena

Semikina will support in crowning her inheritor before a live audience. The leader will paint Canada in Miss Universe 2011.

The reigning Miss Universe Canada, Elena Semikina will support in crowning her inheritor before a live audience.

With an determined reputation, The Metro St. Lawrence Centre for a Arts Theatre has been comparison to be a horde venue for a 2011 Miss Universe® Canada manifestation for a initial time.

The manifestation consists of dual apart assembly attended events:

Pageant Presentation Show (Thursday, Jun 23rd, 2011)

All 60 representatives from opposite Canada contest before a live assembly and a judging row in normal categories (Swimwear and Evening Gown) for a possibility to be comparison as one of a Judges’ 15 semi-finalists. In addition, 5 shred winners will be fasten a organization of semi-finalists for a possibility to win a title.

Watch Miss Canada Universe 2011 Live Streaming

Miss USA 2011 Live Streaming: Panel Of Judges

The Names of the persons who has the responsibility to choose the lucky woman to represent USA in the upcoming Miss Universe 2011 pageant at last, named.

Know them in []. If you are looking to where to Watch Miss USA 2011 Live then i am telling you to watch it live and free only at Pageantism.

Witness if how Rima Fakih, the gorgeous title holder from Michigan will crown her successor at the end of the event. Expectations were over flowing for it is the 60th of its very own Donald Trump the man behind the success, of Miss USA pageant.

May the pageant meet our expectations and may the judges choose the right and worthy woman for the crown. Let the battle of beauty, brains and glamour as the 51 candidates will cut down into 15 and let this circle of 15 to rock the Las Vegas Nevada.

Watch Miss USA 2011 Pageant Live Stream Online

Watch Miss USA 2011 Pageant Live only at

Just as she returns to her image of a mere commoner, Rima Fakih is trying to accumulate as much ‘words’ as she can in the last hours of her reign as Miss USA. The beautiful lady may have been advised of the pageant protocols, she always ensured she is breaking some of them!

But she did that while keeping some alibis around herself. Paula Shugart, the president of Miss Universe Organization, recently divulged – she had gone through the surveillance tapes from the Manhattan apartment – that Fakih one night partied in for long, and returned at 4 a.m. the next morning. We may be looking forward to catching the Miss USA 2011 live stream this weekend quite earnestly, but Fakih’s little escapades are already wadding us with doses of excitement, that may leave us in expectation of more hoopla with the new Miss USA.

Fakih will pass her tiara to the Miss USA 2011 on June 19, and all but Shugart would be hoping that the soon-to-be over ordeal-like year doesn’t ever come back again, while the new pageants continue to come and go. She did sentence out some diplomatic lines when she maintained that Rima Fakih gives her 100% at everything she does. And while we would be enjoying the sight of svelte beauties, someone quite skilled in other fields would also dance the Miss USA stage. Brittany N. Poteet is a 23-year-old Dominion nuclear engineer – she is also the reigning Miss Virginia USA – who would be competing for the Miss USA 2011.
If the crown fits her head, she will move on to participate for the Miss Universe title. Having already won a beauty pageant would appear to work in favor of Poteet, but one can never bank upon it. Poteet knows this and so is preparing hard for the event.

Well, watch Miss USA 2011 online in case you end up missing the event, which is highly unlikely!

Watch Miss USA 2011 Live Stream Online

Watch Miss USA 2011 Live Online only at

Before any of you go swooning over the prospect of a whole legion of fairy like beauties, don’t forget that this forum is still a family forum and anything or any comment above PG-13 implies a mild spanking. Of course, coming back to the burning issues, the Miss USA pageant is in the town baby! And in a matter of days, we’ll know the

successor to the sensual Miss Rima Fakih’s resplendent crown. How? Well, there would soon be a Miss USA 2011 live stream that you folks can look to catch, when you go really old school and call the guys over for a night of unmatched beauty, long legs, sartorial elegance, and of course good old whistling.

On June 19, 2011, missy Rima Fakih will step up to the stage at the Theatre for the Performing Arts, Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas and place the glistening tiara on the head of one lucky girl, who will then go on to represent Amer

ica at the 2011 Miss Universe pageant.

And in a move that could potentially change the pub

lic perception of beauty pageants all over the world, one of the fifteen semi-finalists will be chosen by the viewers through SMS and online voting. The contestants from all the fifty states of America and the District of Columbia will soon be strutting their stuff through the various rounds, requiring the combined poise and grace of a feline creature and a ballet dancer.

Knowing that stars like Ali Landry, Halle Berry and Michelle Royer have come through this very competition, many people will hope to watch Miss USA 2011 online, in a bid to catch the glamour loaded event in an interruption-free environment.

One would wish that there was enough time for us to sample through each and every contestant and grade their chances at winning the crowning glory, but for now, we’ll have to make do with Andy Cohen and Giuliana Rancic as our hosts for the night.

Stay tuned folks!

Watch Miss USA 2011 Preliminary Competition Live Online


Many of you may recognize the name Rima Fakih because she’s the gorgeous b

runette who won the title of Miss Michigan 2010 and subsequently secured the title of Miss USA 2010. You may also recognize her name because immediately after being crowned, Rima was thrown into a media scandal involving pole dancing photos that many pageant officials deemed inappropriate.

Needless to say, her controversial behavior didn’t end after the photo scandal. Miss Universe Organization President Paula Shugart told Fox News this week that she asked pageant officials to look into an incident involving Rima. Paula claimed that the 25-year-old title holder violated pageant protocol after video surveillance tapes of her returning home at 4am one morning surfaced.

Regardless of the controversy surrounding her, Rima remains positive and proud of what she’s accomplished during her reign as Miss USA 2010.

“I have to admit, I’ve had a few hiccups during my year, and at times I’ve learned my lessons,” she told Robin Roberts. “I think I’ve grown so much this year. I’m proud to say that I am giving up my crown on June 19. And that I still have the crown.”

“A lot of people don’t understand that Miss USA is just a real woman,” Fakih said Monday. “She’s a real human being who has her own opinion, who’s an adult and can make some mature decisions.

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“Staying out late, if you have work the next day, you should be responsible. But you have to look on the bright side: I wasn’t doing anything illegal.”

Good point, Rima! That’s more than we can say for some of the previous Miss USA contestants – we won’t mention any names but you know who you are!

The Miss USA 2011 pageant airs this Sunday, June 19 from 9-11 EST.


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