Xemina Navarreta - Miss Universe 2010

Congratulations to Miss Xemina Navarreta - Miss Universe 2010

Final Ranking:

Miss Universe 2010 Miss Mexico (Ximena Navarrete)
1st Runner Up Miss Jamaica (Yendi Philip)
2nd Runner Up Miss Australia (Jesinta Campbell)
3rd Runner Up Miss Ukraine (Anna Poslavska)
4th Runner Up Miss Philippines (Maria Venus Raj)

Top 10

Miss Ireland 8.548
Miss Albania 8.693
Miss Philippines 8.714
Miss Jamaica 8.884
Miss Mexico 8.913
Miss Ukraine 8.743
Miss Puerto Rico 7.971
Miss South Africa 8.420
Miss Guatemala 8.286
Miss Australia 8.841

Final top 15 of the Miss Universe 2010:

Miss Puerto Rico ( 8.4)
Miss Ukraine ( 8.3)
Miss Mexico (9.3)
Miss Belgium (7.6)
Miss Ireland (8.8)
Miss South Africa (8.2)
Miss France (7.6)
Miss Australia (8.5)
Miss Jamaica (9.4)
Miss Russia (7.8)
Miss Albania (8.2)
Miss Colombia (7.6)
Miss Guatemala (8.1)
Miss Czech Republic (7.4)
Miss Philippines (9.0)

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The moment we have been waiting for is finally here! In few hours, we will witness the crowning of the 59th Miss Universe. Who will be the lucky lady who will bring the crown and honor to her country?

Prediction and speculations has been made, but there is only one truth and that is what will going to find out. Watch Miss Universe 2010 Live Stream. Together, we will witness the triumph of the newest Miss Universe.

latest pictorials of Miss universe candidates

Miss Universe 2010 Parade Of Nations

National costume of Bolivia

Watch Miss Universe 2010 Online

National Costume of Ukraine (Anna Poslavskaya)

National Costume of Trinidad and Tobago (La Toya Woods)

National Costume of Peru (Giuliana Zevallos)

Giuliana Zevallos is the candidate of the country Peru for the up coming miss universe 2010 pageant. will she made it to stand-out from the rest of her contenders?
you may also see the other profile and picture of other candidates.


British – born American presenter Jerry Springer and the famous spice girl member Melanie Brown in 2008.Billy Bush, the Ambassador for operation smile and Claudia Jordan, TV and radio personality in 2009 are among them.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, buddy, they are the famous hosts that brightens the stage in the last two Miss Universe held in Vietnam and Bahamas respectively.

To be the hosts is not an easy task. You must be equipped with overflowing stage pride, witty and humorous at some point of time.

This year, hosts for the most prestigious pageant in the world are two diverse professionals coming from the same industry. Well, should I say working in front of camera and large crowd of audience?

2010 Miss Universe male hosts is none other than the American singer, actor, director, producer and a reality TV show personality. We are referring to Bret Michaels of Celebrity Apprentice 3. He will be pairing the co- anchor and national correspondent of NBC’s TODAY. We are talking to Natalie Morales.

With the famous performers showcasing new albums and music in which the candidates will be walking with their attires on stage, will the hosts be able to bring the momentum up to the highest denouement? The only way to find out is to watch Miss Universe 2010 either on your TV screens or via live streaming online.




Age :21
Place: Slovenia
Eye color: black
Hair color: black
Title(s): Miss Slovenia Universe 2010
Major Competition(s): Miss Universe 2010


In Miss Universe 2010, she will represent her country Slovenia in the up coming August 23, in the said pageant.

She is confident to be on the throne and bare the crown.

will she made it to do so?
Watch Miss Universe 2010 online now.

NADINE THOMAS (Miss Malaysia)


Name: Nadine Thomas

Birthday: 1987

Age: 23

Height: 169m / 56

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Place of Origin: Subang Jaya, Malaysia


On May 15, 2010, Malaysia crowned Nadine Ann Thomas as Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 thereby making her as the country’s official delegate to the 2010 Miss Universe pageant.

Malaysia, a beautiful country with its well-protected natural resources; home to some of the most exotic and earliest plants and animals on the planet has never won the Miss Universe crown. This year, they are sending their strongest candidate to represent the beauty of the Malaysian people.

Nadine is an event coordinator and a proud feminist. She declares on her blog “Gone are the days when women held no voting power, no real substance in society except as home makers, child bearing machines who worshipped the men in their lives, weighing on them hand and foot, and still we were looked down on as less intelligent beings, not worthy on being in positions of power or making important decisions that change the face of history.”

Is she Malaysia’s first ever Miss Universe? Watch Miss Universe 2010 online on August 23, 2010 at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Watch Miss Universe 2010.



Birth Name: Ishanka Madurasinghe

Birth Date: (age 23)

Birth Place: Colombo

Height: 5’9”

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Title(s): Miss Sri Lanka 2010

Major Competition(s): Miss Universe 2010


Miss universe 2010, Sri Lanka delegate is currently pursuing a History Degree at the Kelaniya University. Her Ultimate goal is to represent Sri Lanka internationally at the Miss Universe pageant and she is sure the experience she has gained during past pageants as well as in the field of academics will help her better represent her country.

Each contestant received return air tickets from Mihin Lanka to Dubai and a gift hamper from Revlon providing them a 3 month supply of Revlon beauty products.

Second runner up Onella Gunasekara was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 15.000/- and a silver gift hamper from Revlon while 1st runner up Ishara Abeyewikrema received a cash prize award of Rs. 25.000/- and a Gold gift hamper from Revlon for a 6 month supply of Revlon products.

After an electrifying night of pomp and pageantry, the title of Revlon Miss Universe Miss Sri Lanka 2010 was awarded to Ishanka Mudurasinghe.

Ishanka, who was a favourite at the Ford Super Model Sri Lanka contest, seemed the obvious choice with her grace and ease in front of the audience.

The beauty received a return air ticket to Las Vegas, a wardrobe for Miss Universe, a Revlon gift hamper providing her with a year’s supply of Revlon products, plus an all expenses paid 3 week stay in Las Vegas where she will represent Sri Lanka in the Miss Universe pageant and hopefully go on to be crowned Sri Lanka’s first Miss Universe.

Watch miss universe 2010.



Birth Name: Anja Šaranović

Birth Date: (age 21)

Birth Place: Vrnjačka Banja

Height: 5' 10" (1.77m)

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Light brown

Title(s): Miss Srbije 2010 (2nd Runner-up)

Major Competition(s): Miss Universe 2010


First Runner-Up Miss Serbia 2009 Lidija Kocic is the official representative for Miss Universe 2010 in Nevada, USA, this coming August 23. Miss Serbia 2010 Milica Jelic will be competing for Miss World 2010 in China. Serbia started competing in the Miss Universe as Yugoslavia.

Yet after its disintegration, it settled for just Serbia alone. And now, for three years in a row, Serbia will participate in the well-regarded Miss Universe pageant and yearns to win the first Miss Universe title to Serbia.

22-year-old Lidija Kocic is a fighter and never gives up to whatever challenge that crosses her path, as influenced by her active involvement in sports. She is a lover of life and considers it as a gift that should be cherished every moment.

Success for her is to strive for more knowledge, work as hard as you can and enjoy the results of your own effort. Surely her optimism will sustain her in this pageant. Witness her quest for the Miss Universe title and Watch Miss Universe 2010 Online.

See more delegates all over the world.

JOHANA BANITEZ (Miss Paraguay)


Birth Name: Johana Benítez

Birth Date: (age 23)

Birth Place: San Lorenzo

Height: 5' 9" (1.76m)

Hair Color: Bronze

Eye Color: Black

Title(s): Miss Paraguay Universo 2010

Major Competition(s): Miss Universe 2010


Miss Universe 2010 pageant, Johana Benítez is a Paraguayan beauty queen. On July 16, 2010 she was crowned Miss Universo Paraguay 2010, and will represent her country in the Miss Universe 2010 Pageant to be held in Las Vegas, USA August 23, 2010. She will also represent her country in Reina Hispanoamericana 2010 to be held in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

ASUNCION, July 11 - 23-year old Johana Benitez Olmedo (Center) was crowned Miss Universo Paraguay on July 16th. The 1.76 m beauty will compete at the 2010 Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas. Crowned as Miss Mundo Paraguay was 22-year old Egni Almiron Eckert (Right), a 1.82 m model, who will compete at the 60th Miss World pageant in Sanya next October.

Elected as Miss International Paraguay was 19-year old Maria Jose Paredes (Left), who will travel to Chengdu, China, in November to compete in the 50th Miss International contest.

Watch Miss Universe 2010 pageant.



Birth Name: Melinda Elvenes

Birth Date: (age 23)

Birth Place: Botswana – Mauna

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Height: 5' 8" (1.72m)

Title(s): Miss Norway 2010

Major Competition(s): Miss Universe 2010


In miss universe 2010, the Miss Norway candidate is Currently working as a waitress at the Hard Rock Cafe, in addition to volunteer in an organization where women and children are the focus. She has a Bachelor's degree in development studies and think that in five years, she has a master's degree in social work and works with women and children living under difficult circumstances.

In her spare time she train and is so much she can with her boyfriend and close friends. As a person she is outgoing and looking very positive for life. Her interest is dancing. According to her, dance hangs well together with special talents. Dance is something she has been doing since she was little.

At the moment she does not dance, but it is good in her for it. Expression wise, she has gone over to being a model. This is something she has learned to love as much as she did dancing. Besides she has no other talents.

Watch Miss Universe 2010 Online free.

ENA SANDRA (Miss Denmark)


Birth Name: Ena Sandra

Birth Date: 21 August, 1989(age 20)

Birth Place: Sønderborg

Height: 5' 8" (1.73m)

hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Title(s): Pretty Danish 2010

Major Competition(s): Miss Universe 2010


20-year old Ena Sandra Causevic, from Sønderborg, has been appointed "Pretty Danish 2010". The 1.73 m beautiful model will now represent Denmark at the upcoming Miss Universe pageant to be held at the Mandalay Bay resort and casino in Las Vegas, on August 23rd.

Ena is 20 years old and comes from Sønderborg. She started her career as a model in Dream models for three years back.

She is not only beautiful on the outside, of which she also supports up to several charity actions and her focus is on families with cancer affected children.

watch miss universe 2010..



Birth Name: Kristiana Rohder

Birth Date: (age 26)

Birth Place: Munich

Height: 6' 0"(1.83m)

Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Title(s): Miss Germany Universe 2010

Miss Germany 2009 (2nd Runner-up)

Major Competition(s): Miss Universe 2010


Kristiana Rohder of Munich has been crowned Miss Universe Germany 2010 at the Finale held on 10 July. Kristiana is 26 year old and stands 183 cm (6 feet). She will represent Germany in the Miss Universe 2010 Pageant to be held in Las Vegas on 23 August. Kristiana was 2nd runner-up of the Miss Germany 2009.

Germany, a superpower located in Central Europe and home to more than 80 million people will be strongly represented by Kristiana Rohder in the Miss Universe this year. More than 3 decades have passed since Marlene Schmidt in 1961 won for Germany its first and currently only Miss Universe title. Can this very charming and confident German model deliver again for Germany? Watch Miss Universe 2010 online to find out.

Watch Miss Universe 2010...

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