Xemina Navarreta - Miss Universe 2010

Congratulations to Miss Xemina Navarreta - Miss Universe 2010

Final Ranking:

Miss Universe 2010 Miss Mexico (Ximena Navarrete)
1st Runner Up Miss Jamaica (Yendi Philip)
2nd Runner Up Miss Australia (Jesinta Campbell)
3rd Runner Up Miss Ukraine (Anna Poslavska)
4th Runner Up Miss Philippines (Maria Venus Raj)

Top 10

Miss Ireland 8.548
Miss Albania 8.693
Miss Philippines 8.714
Miss Jamaica 8.884
Miss Mexico 8.913
Miss Ukraine 8.743
Miss Puerto Rico 7.971
Miss South Africa 8.420
Miss Guatemala 8.286
Miss Australia 8.841

Final top 15 of the Miss Universe 2010:

Miss Puerto Rico ( 8.4)
Miss Ukraine ( 8.3)
Miss Mexico (9.3)
Miss Belgium (7.6)
Miss Ireland (8.8)
Miss South Africa (8.2)
Miss France (7.6)
Miss Australia (8.5)
Miss Jamaica (9.4)
Miss Russia (7.8)
Miss Albania (8.2)
Miss Colombia (7.6)
Miss Guatemala (8.1)
Miss Czech Republic (7.4)
Miss Philippines (9.0)

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