Watch Miss Earth 2011 Live from Philippines

This is the 11th edition of Miss Earth Pageant. Watch Miss Earth 2011 Live Streaming and be the first to recognize the flag which unveil it's beauty at the end of December 3, 2011 Sunday night.

91 of the most gorgeous, incredible and stunning young ladies on stage will make the pageant much bigger and awesome this year. Candidates in their colorful gowns and sexy swimsuits, the energetic opening number and dances, the appearing stars, and the most awaited coronation of the new title-holder, Miss Earth 2011 are just the things you must not let to pass.

University of Philippines Theater in Diliman Quezon City, Philippines is the exact location where the coronation night held. ABS-CBN will air this prestigious pageant and for the live streaming, is providing all live streaming feeds for all beauty pageant around the world.

Watch Miss Earth 2011 Live from Philippines. I am quite excited now if which race will Nicole Faria pass her crown? Philippines is now very excited to witness this event and to support their very own bets. See yah!

Click here to see the complete rpfile of the Official Candidates of Miss Earth 2011.

Watch Miss International 2011 Live Streaming

Watch Miss International 2011 Live Streaming. This is now the time where it will all come to an end. For over a month of strike pose-strike close hygiene, our lovely official candidates make something distinctive on their performances. And that would be your ground why you should catch the live streaming feed which will be provided by the most reliable webpage for pageant live streaming,; if you are still worrying if where to Watch Miss International 2011 Live then you are on the right track.

I am personally in loved and fanatic of pageant around the world from the biggest unto the smallest which could possibly be reached by my own perseverance. I am quite sure that all of the forums and pageant-discussion boards have one topic in common and that would be the coronation night of Miss international 2011 this coming November 6, 2011.

Chengdu, China is the host country this time, and as the foundation and headquarters of Miss International pageant, they will very glad to crown the 51st winner of the history. See yah and enjoy watching!

Remember: November 6, 2011 [Sunday] 8:00 pm EST

Watch Miss international 2011 Live

Watch Miss International 2011 Live from Chengdu, China.

Tremendous Challenges for sure waits whoever win the title of this year’s Miss international 2011, who would that lucky lady be? Watch Miss International 2011 live in Chengdu, china this coming 6th of November 2011. Among the arising pageant nowadays, Miss international owes many of the pageant fanatics and forumers since it is Asian based pageant. Same with the other big pageant, Miss International also give opportunities to the diehard followers to choose they bet for the crown and title through online voting and comment acceptation. This would for sure, going to be much amazing compared to last year’s pageant.

Miss International 2011 is the 51st edition of the Miss International pageant. Through these 51 of undoubted annual years for searching, MI organization is looking forward for a new generation of title-holders whom can be a model and show to the world the real outlook of a beauty queen should have. Watch Miss international 2011 Live and be convinced that the winner really deserved to be halted.

Watch Miss World 2011 Live Streaming

The spectacular pageant of the year, Miss World 2011 Live in London is now fast approaching. Completing the official list of this year’s Miss World 2011 Candidates have break the numerous candidates in other pageants counting a total of 122 young and fresh women coming from the different continents of the world just to vie for only one crown and title, Watch Miss World 2011 Live Streaming and have fun as we welcome and ignite the new queen of Worldly accountabilities.

Alexandria Mills young women of United States got the luck and benevolence of being the Miss World 2010; she outshined the other candidates with her very own charm and glamour on stage. Who will come next with her reign? Who would that lucky lady to wear the crown of Miss World 2011 winner and recognized as the 61st queen of the said pageant?

It would be in London this time, since the Miss World Organization happily celebrates their 61st anniversary they indeed wanted to meet the fulfillment on the place where it was all started. Going back in those years, Miss World pageant stared the first world with only few participants. Anyway, Watch Miss World 2011 Live streaming this coming November 6, 2011. See yah.

Watch Miss International 2011 Live

The 51st edition of the annual pageant for all nation is about to begin this November. The new ambassador for international unity and friendship will be crowned this coming 6th of November 2011 as Elizabeth Mosquera, the winner of last year’s Miss International 2010 Live will crown her successor.

Chengdu, China- prepare for an all new lady domination as Miss International organization continue the search for the most stunning woman in the world to bare the crown and the title of this year’s Miss International 2011 pageant.

This is the most exciting pageant of all. Watch the 51st Miss International pageant, Watch Miss International 2011 Live online. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have questions regarding the pageant. Okay? See yah.

Remember: Live Stream is on November 6, 2011 at exactly 8:00 pm in Asia. Be good and relax as we wait for the pageant proper to took place.

Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 Result

Miss Asia pacific World 2011 Result:

Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 Korea – Park Sae Byul

1st runner-up France – Florima Treiber

2nd runner-up Russia – Anna Botova

3rd runner-up Indonesia – Alessandra Usman

4th runner-up India – Tanvi Singla

Top 15

Canada – Golnaz Harandi

England – Laura Louise Keetley

Estonia – Diana Arno

Hungary – Ivett Venczlik

Nepal – Sahana Bajracharya

Netherlands – Angela van den Broek

Sweden – Anna Lundh

Ukraine – Diana Starkova

USA – Tingting Chen

Vietnam – Trương Tùng Lan

Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 will be organized in Busan, Seoul, and Jeju Island, South Korea. More than 70 women are competing for the Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 title. This pageant is to be held on October 15, 2011 and it was founded by Lawrence Choi.

Miss Asia Pacific World was formerly known as ‘Asia’ or ‘Pacific’ or ‘Australasia’ or ‘Asia Pacific’ competition. This is a beauty pageant with a combination of beauty and a supermodel search into one event. The talent competes among film stars, models, talents, singers from Asia, Pacific, C.I.S, and Europe including spokeswomen.

The founder of Miss Asia Pacific World developed sketching a spectacular group of beautiful glam slam pageants titleholders. It attracted Asia’s top personalities to judge the events. Miss Asia Pacific World follows the slogan ‘Creates Super Talent Olympic by Grand Slam Beauty Queens’.

This pageant is expected to glue 50 million viewers to their television channels. The winning delegates will be given an opportunity to become top starts within a short period of time in India, Australasia, Japan, China, Korea and Southeast Asia.

As of August 2, 2011, 56 participants have been zeroed in from Algeria, Australia, Cameroon, China America, Ethiopia, Germany, Guam, Italy, Netherlands, Panama, Ukraine, Venezuela and many other countries.

Miss World 2011 Live in London

61st anniversary of the biggest pageant on earth, Miss World 2011 is coming right on your screen this November 6, 2011. another intensifying community of gorgeous women will try each of their lucks and edges for only one crown and title, the title of being the 61st winner of Miss World title. Watch Miss World 2011 Live in London UK this November and be stunned by 122 young and fresh ladies on stage carrying the best that they could have.

United States of America did very well last year, Alexandria Mills 18 years old pure American blood won the last year's title of Miss World 2010. She did her duty together with the first princess, Emma Warreus, the pride of her country Botswana. They both magnificently took over the call of our less fortunate peers in mainland Africa and even the undeniable scarcity in Asia.

Who gonna be the next Miss World 2011 Winner? would it be american again? Miss World 2011 is expected to be on November 6, 2011 as what i am saying. Earls Court Exhibition Centre London United Kingdom. Catch the most glring poise and dazzling body of the 122 girls in swimsuits and evening gown. See yah.

Watch Miss World 2011 Live in London UK.

Miss World Philippines 2011 Pageant

Watch Miss World Philippines 2011 Coronation Live.

Miss World Philippines 2011 is the first ever installment here in the country. From the 7, 107 islands of the country, 25 of the most gorgeous and incredible young women will seek their respective lucks for only one crown and title. That is Miss World Philippines 2011.

The question goes, "what are the qualities and qualification of being a good Filipina-representative in this kind of pageant?". Since Miss World Philippines 2011 Winner will be the official delegate of the said country in the upcoming Miss World 2011 pageant, She should have of course;

1. Courage to face everything

2. Determination for the crown

3. and the heart of being a woman beneath the contestable society.

Who will be the first ever Miss World Philippines 2011 Winner? Watch this coming 18th for the coronation night. Watch Miss World Philippines 2011 Coronation Live.

Watch Miss Universe 2011 Replay Full and HQ

[[[[Watch Miss Universe 2011 Replay Full and HQ. ]]]

The most awaited event of glamour world is about to come i.e. Miss Universe 2011 pageant. This is the 60th anniversary of Miss Universe contest.

Miss Universe 2011 Live will held at Credicard Hall, in São Paulo, Brazil on 12th August, 2011. Miss Universe pageant is started from 1952 and is going on with the same spirit. Every year this is organized with same spirit, power and beauty.

Beautiful ladies from all over the world are taking part in this pageant. This year contestants from 89 territories and countries are taking part instead of 86.

Miss Universe 2011 Live Stream

Miss Universe 2011 Pageant, the 60th anniversary of their very own success will now strike the worldwide media this 12th of September.

Exactly 2 days from now, we will recognize and crown the new Miss Universe winner. Who would that be? Find it out as we Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Online only at

After you spotted a site which is more reliable that others when it comes to pageantry, you may ask if the given feed would be Live? via satellite? The answer would be Yes it is! Pals, rejoice cause we will bring you to your ninth level of excitement and hotness this 12th. Miss Universe 2011 Live Stream will always be here to serve you 24/7.

Would it be FREE? Again it is a YES! Rejoice because the Miss Universe 2011 Live Stream is Free, live and HQ. What are we all waiting for? Mark now your calendars and enjoy the excitement right away on your screen. See yah!

Watch the Miss Universe Live Stream :

Watch Miss Universe 2011 Preliminary Competition

Watch Miss Universe 2011 Preliminary Competition

The Miss Universe 2011 Preliminary Competition presentation show will be broadcasted live on LiveStream, today September 8, est 9 pm Sao Paulo time.

The show will take place at the Credicard Hall in Sao Paulo. 89 contestants will perform in swimsuits and evening gowns.

Enjoy Watching!

Click here ---> Watch Now!

Miss Universe 2011 Parade of National Costumes

Click here to see the photos of this year's Miss Universe 2011 National Costumes.

From the biggest to the smallest head dresses, from the sexiest to the bulkiest robes and gowns; we might all eager to witness this. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Miss Universe 2011 Parade of National Costumes.

The 89 lovely and stunning candidates of this year’s Miss Universe 2011 will showcase their national costumes at the opening of the pageant. The Costumes will be based on their belief, traditions, folkways and art among their natives and country. Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Online and be grateful to have these women in the most prestigious and incredible of all pageant, the Miss Universe Pageant.

These ladies will advocate something better and something good this year, they will show their humility and proper etiquette to one another and from that they will choose the Miss Congeniality Award. Last year, Jesinta Campbell, Miss Universe 2010 2nd runner-up of Australia owned that award.

Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Online and know the result of which. See yah.

Watch Miss Universe 2011 Fashion Show

Watch Miss Universe 2011 Fashion Show.

Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Online

Where to Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Streaming?

If you were asking, Where to Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Streaming?

You're question has finally an Answer. Miss Universe 2011 Pageant live from Sao Paoli will be aired online for free. Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Online.

Watch Miss Universe 2011 live streaming online when it kick off this coming September. Miss Universe will once again showcase more than 80 lovely candidates who will vie for this year’s Miss Universe crown. Miss Universe contestants will be judged in three categories such as swimsuit, evening gown and interview.

The 60th Annual Miss Universe pageant will hosted by the returning host Natalie Morales who is currently a news anchor for NBC’s “Today”. She will be co-host by Andy Cohen the executive producer of “Watch What Happens: Live,” Bravo’s late night. This year, for the first time in Miss Universe, fan voting online has been introduced. Fans will be given a chance to vote for their favorite contestant into the semifinals. And as for the moment Miss Philippines is the leader on online voting and followed by Puerto Rico.

Who will be crowned as the new Miss Universe this year? Just watch Miss Universe 2011 live stream on September 12, 2011 9:00PM ET and for the first time it will take place live at Credicard Hall in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Live Streaming Online for Miss Universe 2011

The 2011 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, live this September 12, 2011 from the beautiful city of São Paulo, Brazil. Witness the 6oth Miss Universe beauty pageant with 43 of the most alluring ladies around the world.On August 23, 2010, another maiden makes history as she will be crowned the next 59th Miss Universe title holder. This spectacular event will take place at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

You can Watch Miss Universe 2010 Live Online as this will be aired live on NBC and Telemundo. The Universal Format Eighty three Miss Universe Contestants from all over the world are expected to vie for the coveted title. During the coronation night, they will grace the stage with their astonishing beauty and brains. Nevertheless the candidates will surely awed the people in the Miss Universe 2009 Swimsuit competition displaying their gorgeous figures.As expected, the competition will run to its usual format. First, there’s the selection of top 15. These lucky fifteen ladies will be judged in three ways: swimsuit, evening gown and first round interview. Rolls on to top 10, whoever obtains the highest tallied scores will advance to final top 5. Special awards like, Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality will be given. Watch Miss Universe 2010 Live and don’t miss the rare performances of John Legend and the Roots as they croon on stage. This is a treat for many of the attendees. After all, he is a legend.

And it won’t be surprising if the candidates will also be happy to see him as well. Aside from Legend and The Roots, Orianthi herself will be singing, too. Best remembered as being Michael Jackson’s lead guitarist for his "This is It concert", she has also made a name for herself in acoustic music.So don’t miss the excitement, the tension, the joy, and the wonder that is the Miss Universe 2010 Live. This is one show you should never miss. So get ready to sit back and relax. Turn on your TV’s and switch to the pageant night and Watch 2010 Miss Universe Live Online.

Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Streaming

“Ladies and gentlemen behold as we begin the Miss Universe 2011 competition starting off with…” this phrase were always the signal of the full blast battle to begin. Miss Universe 2011 Live Streaming is now available online, just be on this site and we will provide you the links, photos, videos and other important updates about Miss Universe Live from Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Jimena Navarette is currently with the official candidates in fulfilling the activities and experiences that our 89 gorgeous candidates should experience. Some of these bubbling activities were the Operation smile, the soccer sports and many other things named in the internet. As if our candidates were now somewhat familiar with the culture of Brazil even in a short while. They dance Samba, and go to the beautiful beaches of Brazil.

Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Online will oversee this fantastic duel in beauty community. Again, don’t ever dare to miss this, Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Streaming.

Miss Universe 2011 Live From Sao Paolo Brazil

Looking for a webpage this 12th of September to Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Streaming? Well, youre on the right track baby.

Miss Universe 2011, the 60th anniversary of Miss Universe Pageant will be hosted by Sao Paolo Brazil, and the Official candidates are all set and ready for the all new performances on stage. Showcasing their National Costumes, the colorful parade of their very own festivals, their beautiful body in swimsuit and the elegance they all ignite in Long Gown.

Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Online and enjoy the breathtaking categories that our lovely young ladies will perform. Congratulations to Mr. Trump and to all the people behind the 60 years of Miss Universe Pageant. See yah.

Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Online Stream

Watch Miss Universe 2011 Online Live Stream this 12th of September. The Samba of Brazil, the beauty of their beaches the gorgeous candidates and the magnificent pageant as a whole were some of the things that you shouldn't miss this month.

A brilliant color of the month September, Miss Universe 2011 will showcase once more for this year, the self-buoyancy of each candidates, their very own beauty and strong personality beyond all the odds [tenacity]. 90 of the most beautiful women in the world came for the only one title, Miss Universe 2011 winner. Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Online Stream and be a part of the competent community of pageant.

As of August, the countries that dominate in the list of Early Favorites are:

Costa Rica

Don't ever miss this 60th miss universe pageant. Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Streaming. Enjoy and Keep on Voting!

Where to Vote for Miss Universe 2011?

Miss Universe 2011 Voting Online is now available!

Miss Universe 2011 will choose top 16 to be their semi-finalists. 15 from the judging and one from the online voting. So, Vote Now!

Don't let your bet not be included in the Top 16. Here are the procedures to vote:

1. Click the link---> http:

2. Then look for your bet's pic. (e.g. Philippines)

3. And hit the button "VOTE".

4. Choose from 1-10 if how much you want the contestant to receive. Complete the form and that's it!

Remember that in every email you can only have 5 candidates to vote. Goodluck!

Source of info:

Miss Universe 2011 Latest Favorites

Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Streaming

Miss Universe 2011 will be landed on Brazil this coming September 12, 2011. Watch it for free and live only at the most reliable source of pageant live streams; []

More Photos of the Miss Universe 2011 Candidates are available, news and updates. profiles of every candidate. And as a spoiler; here are the pictures of the latest favorites of this year's Miss Universe 2011.

Miss World Philippines 2011 || Candidates

Watch Miss World Philippines 2011 this coming September 18, 2011

Pictures of Miss Quirino in searching for the candidates worldwide.

Click here to see the complete info about Miss World Philippines 2011

Watch Miss Haiti 2011 Live Streaming

Watch Miss Haiti 2011 Live Streaming only here. The Pageant will start in a short while, be on the site and enjoy watching!!

Miss haiti 2011 winner will represent haiti in the upcoming Miss Universe 2011 pageant in Sao Paolo, Brazil. September 12, 2011.

Who will that lady be? Know it.

Miss Rio Grande do Sul: Priscila Machado, Miss Brazil 2011 Official Result and Winner

Miss Rio Grande do Sul: Priscila Machado, Miss Brazil 2011 Winner. She will represent Brazil in the upcoming Miss Universe 2011.

The Top 5 are:

Miss Amazonas: Tammy Cavalcant
Miss Sao Paulo: Rafaela Butareli
Miss Acre: Danielle Knidell
Miss Bahia: Gabriela Marcelino
Miss Rio Grande do Sul: Priscila Machado

Click here to see the Official Result

Watch Miss Brazil 2011 Live Streaming

Watch Miss Brazil 2011 Live Streaming Click the Video and Enjoy Watching!

Miss World Venezuela 2010 Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares

Birth Name: Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares

Birth Date: July 26, 1989 (1989-07-26) (age 21)
Birth Place: Ospino, Portuguesa, Venezuela
Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Title(s): Miss Amazonas 2010, Miss World Venezuela 2010
Major Competition(s):
Miss World 2011


Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares, (born July 26, 1989, in Ospino, Portuguesa, Venezuela) is a Venezuelan beauty queen and fashion model who won the title of Miss World Venezuela 2010. She will represent her country in the 2011 Miss World pageant. Sarcos is a Diplomacy student and stands 1.80 mts (5'11"). She was studying to be a nun.

An orphan aged 8, when her parents died, Ivian was raised by the nuns in a convent in Tachira and was named Sora Ivian.

Ivian intended, for a while, to become a nun, but eventually she gave up the idea and realized that her appearance would allow her to become famous and begin a career as a model.

“I realized that I wasn’t made to be a nun, but I was grateful for growing up there, even if I realized that I wanted in fact to be a model.” said 21-year-ol Ivian ( 1,79 m) who is a virgin and has never kissed a man.

Photo Gallery

Watch Miss Supranational 2011 this coming August 27, 2011.

This year, 2011. Miss Supranational 2011 Pageant is going to the Heart of Europe and from there; to crown the new queen of the new era. Miss Supranational 2011 the third installment of its search for beauty and brains will showcase everything this coming 27th.

83 is the expected countries to sent their representative. From that circle of 83 contestants; Miss Supranational 2011 winner will rise. Who would that be? In the past two years, Miss Supranational 2011 is successful enough to crown the first two countries who victoriously won the pageant. Ukraine and Panama consecutively won the pageant and become the two pioneers of the crown. Who among the candidates will join the three?

Watch Miss Supranational 2011 Live Streaming this coming 27th of August 2011. Let us witness the beauty of the different candidates and let us know the culture and the beauty of the host country, Opole Poland.

Here are the photos of Opole Poland (host country


Watch Miss Teen USA 2011 Live Streaming

Watch Miss Teen USA 2011 this coming July 15-16.

51 delegates from different states will make their everything just to prove that they worth to prove something. Kamie Crawford, Miss Teen USA 2010 winner will be there and crown her successor right after she took her final walk. This event should not be missed, for it would going to be an amazing night for all of us.

Miss Teen USA 2011 delegates counted each of them as ambassadors of their respective states they were representing. Watch Miss Teen USA 2011 Live Streaming and proved this all with your own senses.

Photos of Miss USA 2011 First-runner-up Ashley Durham

Beauty pageant news on July 8, 2011 - New photos of Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete

Miss Universe 2011 Contestants - MISS COLOMBIA UNIVERSE 2011 - María Catalina Robayo Vargas's Photos/Profile/Biography/News

Birth Name: María Catalina Robayo Vargas
Birth Date: May 12, 1989 (1989-05-12) (age 21)
Birth Place: Palmira, Colombia
Height: 1.74 m (5 ft 8 1⁄2 in)
Measurements: 85-61-92 (33.5-24-36.5)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Title(s): Miss Valle 2010, Miss Colombia 2010
Major Competition(s):
Miss Colombia 2010 (Winner)(Miss Elegance), Miss Universe 2011


Born in Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Robayo is an eight-semester student of law at Pontifical Xavierian University in Cali.

Prior to competing in Miss Colombia 2010, Robayo was given the chance to represent Valle in Miss Colombia 2009 when the original Miss Valle 2009, Diana Salgado, was forced to resign because "her body measures surpassed the normal requirements of the competition.

Robayo only participated in the first week of the 2009 Miss Colombia pageant, after Salgado sued Valle del Cauca Department organizing committee, and regained the right to represent Valle in Miss Colombia 2009.

A year later, Robayo competed once again as Miss Valle in her country's national pageant, Miss Colombia 2010, held in Cartagena on November 15, 2010, where she obtained the Miss Elegance award and the title of Miss Colombia, gaining the right to represent her country in Miss Universe 2011.

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