Miss World 2011 Live in London

61st anniversary of the biggest pageant on earth, Miss World 2011 is coming right on your screen this November 6, 2011. another intensifying community of gorgeous women will try each of their lucks and edges for only one crown and title, the title of being the 61st winner of Miss World title. Watch Miss World 2011 Live in London UK this November and be stunned by 122 young and fresh ladies on stage carrying the best that they could have.

United States of America did very well last year, Alexandria Mills 18 years old pure American blood won the last year's title of Miss World 2010. She did her duty together with the first princess, Emma Warreus, the pride of her country Botswana. They both magnificently took over the call of our less fortunate peers in mainland Africa and even the undeniable scarcity in Asia.

Who gonna be the next Miss World 2011 Winner? would it be american again? Miss World 2011 is expected to be on November 6, 2011 as what i am saying. Earls Court Exhibition Centre London United Kingdom. Catch the most glring poise and dazzling body of the 122 girls in swimsuits and evening gown. See yah.

Watch Miss World 2011 Live in London UK.

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