Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 Result

Miss Asia pacific World 2011 Result:

Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 Korea – Park Sae Byul

1st runner-up France – Florima Treiber

2nd runner-up Russia – Anna Botova

3rd runner-up Indonesia – Alessandra Usman

4th runner-up India – Tanvi Singla

Top 15

Canada – Golnaz Harandi

England – Laura Louise Keetley

Estonia – Diana Arno

Hungary – Ivett Venczlik

Nepal – Sahana Bajracharya

Netherlands – Angela van den Broek

Sweden – Anna Lundh

Ukraine – Diana Starkova

USA – Tingting Chen

Vietnam – Trương Tùng Lan

Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 will be organized in Busan, Seoul, and Jeju Island, South Korea. More than 70 women are competing for the Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 title. This pageant is to be held on October 15, 2011 and it was founded by Lawrence Choi.

Miss Asia Pacific World was formerly known as ‘Asia’ or ‘Pacific’ or ‘Australasia’ or ‘Asia Pacific’ competition. This is a beauty pageant with a combination of beauty and a supermodel search into one event. The talent competes among film stars, models, talents, singers from Asia, Pacific, C.I.S, and Europe including spokeswomen.

The founder of Miss Asia Pacific World developed sketching a spectacular group of beautiful glam slam pageants titleholders. It attracted Asia’s top personalities to judge the events. Miss Asia Pacific World follows the slogan ‘Creates Super Talent Olympic by Grand Slam Beauty Queens’.

This pageant is expected to glue 50 million viewers to their television channels. The winning delegates will be given an opportunity to become top starts within a short period of time in India, Australasia, Japan, China, Korea and Southeast Asia.

As of August 2, 2011, 56 participants have been zeroed in from Algeria, Australia, Cameroon, China America, Ethiopia, Germany, Guam, Italy, Netherlands, Panama, Ukraine, Venezuela and many other countries.

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