Watch Miss International 2011 Live

The 51st edition of the annual pageant for all nation is about to begin this November. The new ambassador for international unity and friendship will be crowned this coming 6th of November 2011 as Elizabeth Mosquera, the winner of last year’s Miss International 2010 Live will crown her successor.

Chengdu, China- prepare for an all new lady domination as Miss International organization continue the search for the most stunning woman in the world to bare the crown and the title of this year’s Miss International 2011 pageant.

This is the most exciting pageant of all. Watch the 51st Miss International pageant, Watch Miss International 2011 Live online. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have questions regarding the pageant. Okay? See yah.

Remember: Live Stream is on November 6, 2011 at exactly 8:00 pm in Asia. Be good and relax as we wait for the pageant proper to took place.

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