Miss Universe 2010 TOP 10 PREDICTION

This are the contestants that surely made a great impression both on judges and audience. these are the strongest candidates among 84. Mark My Word! a new miss universe, a new title holder will rise, and hopefully it is Raj.

Maria Venus Raj has the characteristics to be the most beautiful woman in the universe, i hope much on her. let us support her on the pageant proper. always visit here for more latest and fresh news and updates regarding Miss Universe 2010 pageant.

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  1. marya says:

    The pageant is getting closer and closer, some of the followers and fans of different countries are predicting who will be crowned in this event but until now we couldn't tell and I think the best thing to do is wait and watch the pageant.
    Before that event maybe we can enjoy to Watch our favorite TV Series and Movies online for free.

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