Name: Priscilla Nicole Lee

Birth date: (Age: 21)
Birth place: Ponton, Aruba

Height : 5 ft 11 in. Eye color: Black
Hair color: Blond
Title(s): Miss Aruba 2010

Major competition(s) : Miss Aruba 2010, Miss Universe 2010


A positive thinker, Priscilla is interested in tennis and the beach. Priscilla measures 5 feet and 11 inches high and is a student at University of Aruba.

Miss Aruba 2009, The 40th Miss Aruba Beauty Pageant will hold on November 15 at the Crystal Theater. 8 Finalists are expected to compete in the event. Dianne Croes, Miss Aruba 2008 will crown her successor Grand final of the Miss Aruba 2009 contest.

The Beauty Queen of the contest will compete at Miss Universe 2010, Miss World 2010 in Vietnam and in Miss International 2010 Pageants. Her Motto: Always stay positive! Be Happy!!!!!!!

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