Birth Name: Scharllette Allen
Birth date: 1991 (19 yrs. Old)
Birthplace: Bluefields, Nicaragua
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Title(s): Miss Nicaragua 2010
Major Competitions: Miss Universe 2010


It is the foremost time in the history of Nicaragua that a black woman succeeds the desirable title. Allen was the major favorite during the week’s primary up to the final event.

The 1.80 m beauty will now symbolize Nicaragua at the Miss Universe 2010 pageant to be held in August.

Miss Nicaragua Scharllette Allen made history when she was crowned as Miss Nicargua because she is the first Nicaraguan woman of color to earn such distinction.18-years-old Scharllette Allen made history in the Miss Nicaragua contest. She is the first black girl to win the title.

An exciting and historical tenth edition of Miss Nicaragua, national beauty contest, took place at the Rubén Darío National Theater on Saturday, February 27. During that night, Scharllette Allen, a beautiful Nicaraguan 18 year old woman, became the first Afro-Caribbean to win the tittle of the most beautiful woman in the history of this beauty pageant.!!!!!

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