On the Board of Miss Earth 2010 Pageant.

With a seating capacity of 5,000, spectacular stage, ideal location and modern infrastructure, Vinpearl Land Amphitheatre has been chosen as the venue of Miss Earth 2010 Coronation Night.

The Miss Earth 2010 Coronation Night will be held at 8:00 to 10:00 in the evening on December 4, 2010; and will be televised on international and local channels such as Star World, VTV (VTV1 and VTV4), ABS-CBN Philippines and other local networks from over 50 countries.

The Coronation Night will be fastidiously organized by the highly professional credits from Carousel Production of Miss Earth Pageant and leading Vietnamese professionals. The participation of 86 beautiful maidens from all over the world, the performances of Vietnamese and international celebrities will definitely make Miss Earth Coronation Night become a night of World Art and Beauty -a convergence to honor Mother Earth.

Hosts: Oli Pettigrew and Jennifer Pham

Guest Performer: Ronan Keating

Watch Miss Earth 2010 live online Streaming.

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