Watch Miss GB Universe 2011 Live Streaming

Watch Miss Great Britain Universe 2011 this coming May 1, 2011.
For over a decade, Great Britain has been remained silent in the world of pageant. They came up to top 15, but never in top 5.

Tara Marie Hoyos Martines, Miss GB Universe 2010 didn't come up to top 15. Although Tara also have those qualities of being a winner, still Trump didn't pay attention to any of it.
Great Britain needs someone who can please Trump and the entire Brazil this time. Since Sao Paulo, Brazil is the host country on September 12, 2011 Great Britain should make sure that their representative has a pleasing personality, beauty and elegance, a lot of it.

The decade of unlucky is over for Great Britain, this year would be a very good time for them to reconcelaete. Who among these 48 lovely candidates can take the honor to unfold the flag and own the crown?
Watch the Live Streaming of this pageant live

Enjoy watching.!


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