DESIREE VA DEN BERG (Miss Netherlands)


Birth Name: Desiree Van Den Berg

Birth Date: (age 23)

Birth Place: Santpoortis

Height: 5' 9" (1.76m)

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: blond

Title(s): Miss Netherlands

Major Competition(s): Miss Universe 2010


Desiree Van den Berg was crowned Miss Nederland 2010 or Miss Netherlands 2010 at the Finale held this month of July at the Theatre De Efteling.

Desiree is the 23 year old beauty from Santpoortis and stands 1.76m tall. She will represent Netherlands in Miss World 2010 in China later this year. The first runner-up is Jana Voyvodich and the second runner-up is Gladys Frank.

She has the capabilities according to the experts to be the miss universe 2010.

Watch Miss Universe 2010 online now.

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