SYMBAT MADYAROVA (Miss Kazakhstan)


Birth Name: Symbat Madyarova
Birth Date: (age 18) 1991
Birth Place: Almati, Kazakhstan
Height: 5' 9"
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: black
Title(s): Miss Kazakhstan 2010
Major Competition(s): Miss Universe 2010


Symbat Madyarova is a student from Almati, Kazakhstan. Madyarova stands 5 feet 9 inches and she was 18 years old when she won the title and the crown.
She will represent her central Asian country in both Miss Universe and Miss World in 2010.

Luckily she has the good abilities that the beauty queen is a worth it to have. Kazakhstan citizens have the full support to their candidate. Watch miss universe 2010 online.

Miss universe is the biggest pageant in the universe. Miss universe pageant.

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